Troubleshooting Manifesting

Learn how to troubleshoot manifesting in Delivery Manager.

Error condition

A carrier has advised it has not received a manifest file.


If you are a shipper, please review the information below before raising a ticket with Metapack Support.

If you are a carrier, please contact the shipper to verify that the steps below have been implemented.

Error cause

Most reported manifest problems relate to an incomplete workflow, which means either of the following:

  • Consignments have not been closed.

  • Manifests have not been triggered to send.

Error solution

Complete the following steps:

  1. Log into Delivery Manager.

  2. Click Manifests.

  3. On the Ready to Manifest tab, determine whether the manifest flagged by the carrier has been sent.

  4. If the manifest is not listed on the Ready to Manifest tab, view the Historic Manifests tab to see if it is listed there.

  5. If the manifest is listed on the Historic Manifests tab, click Resend.

  6. If the manifest is not listed on the Historic Manifests tab, click Quick Search to use a consignment reference to check the status of that consignment. If the status of the consignment is Ready to Manifest, the consignment has not been closed and placed on a manifest.


It is also a good idea to verify that manifest data transmitted to that carrier is being sent to the correct location and to confirm this information with the carrier.

To verify the location being used by Delivery Manager, click Setup > Configure > Set carrier connection details and select the relevant carrier.

If the carrier uses Metapack Manager (MPM), the carrier’s connection data might not be visible. If it is not visible, the connection data is probably stored elsewhere.