Connect to UPS API in a few simple steps

If you’re looking to ship, track or return with UPS, Metapack supports both API and EDI integrations.

In this guide, we will explain how to configure the API version of UPS in Metapack’s user interface. It takes less than 10 minutes.


EDI integrations offer faster label response speeds than API integrations but cannot be activated solely through the user interface. Learn more about setting up EDI Carriers.

Before you start

What to have ready before you begin:

  1. An active UPS Ready account with you following related information to hand:

    1. Account number

    2. Account country

    3. Account postal code

    4. UPS Ready Services to activate

    5. Your contracted rates and charges

  2. Your warehouse's set-up in Delivery Manager

  3. The address of your primary shipping location

In this guide

We will cover:

  1. Add UPS Ready as the carrier

  2. Create your contract

  3. Pick UPS Ready services

  4. Input your contract information


Adding carrier costs can be skipped during the carrier set-up wizard. However, you will have to set costs before shipping with UPS Ready. Learn more about cost rules.

Add UPS API as a Carrier

To add UPS API as a carrier follow these steps:

  1. Log into Delivery Manager and from your top-nav menu bar, click Setup.

  2. Scroll down the Setup screen to Carriers & Services, click Manage Carriers.

  3. Click Add a new carrier.

  4. Search for UPS API and click on the logo to select it, then click Continue.

  5. Click Continue to add a contract.

You have now enabled the UPS API to your account.

Create a contract

Next you will need to add your contract details. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select API as the carrier integration type and click Continue.

  2. Enter a name for the contract. The name should be unique and descriptive.

  3. Review UPS terms and conditions. Select the To use UPS services you need to agree to the UPS technology agreement check box to indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions. The check box is unavailable unless you scroll through the terms and conditions. Then click Continue.


Add UPS Services

Once you have created your contract, you will need to select which services you want to enable for this contract. And which shipping locations these services are available for.


You must enable at least one service for at least one warehouse to proceed.

To add your services follow these steps:

  1. Select a service by clicking on the checkbox next to the name.

  2. Choose whether All Warehouses or just Selected warehouses can use each service using the radio box.

  3. If you choose Selected warehouse pick which ones using the checkboxes next to their name

  4. Once you have finished selecting the services and warehouse, click Continue.

Add UPS Account details

  1. Add your contact details, your primary shipping origin details, and key UPS account details. Fields with * are mandatory.

Set-up Costs