Intelligence V2

Intelligence V2 is a suite of reports designed for ecommerce retailers to measure their shipping operation. It provides customers greater visibility of shipments, associated tracking, carrier labels, and manifests that were created in Delivery Manager. Allowing you to report on warehouse or store operations, carrier delivery performance, and the customer delivery experience. There are three plans available:

  • Intelligence V2 Essentials provides Metapack Shipping customers with an overview of their warehouse and carrier operations against predefined filters and to export parcel data. Essentials will be implemented for all Delivery Manager customers without charge. 

  • Intelligence V2Professional extends Essentials by adding near real-time, detailed views of a shipper’s warehouse, shipping profile, in-flight shipments & carrier performance. Dashboards allow cross- filtering and drill downs to identify specific issues at a parcel-level.

  • Intelligence V2 Enterprise extends Professional to include advanced analytics, predictive insight, and enterprise features like the ability to view dashboards across multiple brands and the ability to import external shipping data into the product.

To work effectively, Intelligence V2 has some prerequisites:

  • The implementation of the Multi-Brand, External Data feature and user training will incur addition- al Professional Services charges.

  • Intelligence data accuracy may be impacted by tracking event delays, untracked services, and unexpected non-working days.

  • Metapack is reliant on carriers for the timeliness and quality of the tracking data and retailers for the accuracy of parcel parameters & delivery promise. Metapack will help identify issues and work with customers and carriers to resolve any tracking data quality issues.