Before you begin

Workflow scope

The workflow applies to both Return on Demand API and Labels in a Box. The only differences are who does what and when.

For the Return on Demand API, the returns process is initiated by a customer who wants to return something. The customer completes the process by going through your digital returns experience.

For Labels in a Box, you facilitate the return of a parcel by including a return label (or multiple return labels) when packing an outbound consignment.

Review your carrier library

Many carriers do not offer return services. For more information, see Available Carrier Return Services.

If you are a new Metapack customer, the carriers that you want to select will have to form part of a project created by the Metapack Implementation Team.

If you are an existing Metapack customer, you will need to determine whether you need to add any new carriers to your Metapack shipper account. You will need to use the customer portal to submit a request for any changes to your shipper account.