Errors and Troubleshooting

Table 9. Errors resulting in Call failures

Error Condition


Remedial Action

Time Out (Shipping Label, Rate Shop, Void, Print)

The REST request times out without a response from Metapack. This component returns an error back to base, and the base screen is displayed with the error.

Use the Retry functionality to trigger a new call to Metapack.

Error Response (Shipping Label, Rate Shop, Void, Print)

If the user triggers a request and Metapack responds with an error, then the error message from Metapack is displayed on the UI.

Rectify the error by following the instructions on screen.

Time Out/Error Response (EOD Manifesting)

The REST Request times out and there is either no response from Metapack or Metapack responds with an error,

Retry the EOD Manifesting call later on.

Carrier Facility Account not Configured/Incorrect 

The call to Metapack fails because either the Carrier Facility Account is not configured correctly or the Account has invalid credentials.

Reconfigure the credentials and retry the transaction.

Void manifested package

If a request is made to void a manifested package, an error is returned from Metapack and then displayed to the user.

Nothing can be done as manifested packages cannot be voided.