Print Call (MAO & MAWM)

  1. When the Print function is triggered from MAWM or MAO, a Print request is sent to Metapack Delivery Manager to retrieve the shipping label. In the case of MAWM, a request may also be sent for a customs form.


    The shipping document format is configurable in the custom configuration. MAWM supports printing the shipping label in ZPL format, size 4" x 6", and MAO supports printing the shipping label in PDF format, size 4" x 6". MAWM also supports the customs form, where the configuration is expected to be set to PDF format. MAO does not by default support the customs form.

  2. The MAO and MAWM data elements are mapped to the Metapack attributes on the MAWM/MAO interface, and an XML request is generated and posted to Delivery Manager.

  3. The request is processed by Delivery Manager and a response is provided to MAO/MAWM that contains a Base64-encoded shipping label/customs document.

  4. The Metapack component parses the response and converts it to the format expected by MAO/MAWM, which includes, in the base Document Management component, the tracking number and the shipping documents.

  5. Base logic is used to print the shipping label or display the error in the event that the Shipping call is unsuccessful.

Reprint (MAO)

MAO base functionality includes the ability to support reprint in case the shipping label was not successfully printed the first time.

If the user attempts to reprint the shipping label, MAO will first check if the shipping documents exist in the Document Management component. Then:

  1. If the shipping documents exist for the package, MAO/MAWM will retrieve the existing documents for reprint.

  2. If the shipping documents do not exist for the package:

    1. If the Shipment ID (i.e. the Metapack 'DMC' Consignment reference) field is populated for the package, MAO will trigger the Print call to Metapack Delivery Manager to obtain the shipping label.

    2. If the Shipment ID is not populated, MAO will first trigger a Shipping call to Delivery Manager and then trigger the Print call to obtain the shipping label.


MAWM does not have a similar concept of Reprint. Instead, the user should re-invoke the Shipping or Print call again from the UI screen, and, if successful, continue the packing process in MAWM.