Shipping Call (MAO and MAWM)

  1. When a package is completed in MAO or MAWM, a Shipping request is sent to Metapack Delivery Manager to create the Consignment. The Metapack component is invoked at the point at which the user submits a package.

  2. The MAO and MAWM data elements are mapped to the Metapack attributes on the MAWM/MAO interface, and an XML request is generated and posted to Metapack Delivery Manager.

  3. The request is processed by Delivery Manager and a response is provided that confirms that the Consignment was successfully created.

  4. The Metapack component parses the response:

    1. In MAO, in the event of a successful Shipping response, the Print call will be triggered immediately to retrieve the shipping label for the user to print.

    2. In MAWM, the client-specific configuration determines whether the Print call is triggered following a successful Shipping response, or whether it is triggered later in the flow.

  5. Base logic is used to display the error in the event that the Shipping call is unsuccessful.


One Shipment (Consignment) call is sent to Delivery Manager per package. Multiple packages are not supported within a single Consignment. If a new package is created, then a new Shipping request is sent to Delivery Manager.