Rate Shop Call (MAWM)

  1. When Rate Shopping is triggered in MAWM, a Rate Shop request is sent to Metapack Delivery Manager to determine the appropriate carrier/shipping method based on the business rules set up in Delivery Manager.


    The Rate Shop Ship Via sent to Delivery Manager in the Rate Shop request must be associated with an appropriate carrier 'service group' in Delivery Manager.

    The Ship Vias used to trigger a rate shop call should be set up as the RateShopShipVias in the custom configuration for Metapack. If the Ship Via is not configured in the custom configuration, then the existing Ship Via on the order will be used for the subsequent Ship and Print calls.

  2. The MAWM data elements are mapped to the Metapack attributes on the MAWM interface, and an XML request is generated and posted to Metapack Delivery Manager.

  3. The request is processed by Delivery Manager and a response is sent to MAWM using the selected carrier/shipping method.


    All carrier/shipping methods that are evaluated will be listed in the Delivery Manager response. Since the optimal carrier/shipping method is always returned as the first record in the response, MAWM will only save the first record.

  4. The Metapack component parses the response and converts it into the format expected by MAWM.

  5. If successful, MAWM updates the carrier, Ship Via and service level on the package. If the call is unsuccessful, an error is displayed to the user.