Void Interface (MAO and MAWM)

A new interface has been developed to integrate with Metapack Delivery Manager for the Void service.

This interface is invoked when the user cancels packing and there is a completed package that needs to be voided. Firstly, MAO/MAWM sends the deallocate API to Metapack. Following a successful response, MAO/MAWM sends deleteConsignment, which will remove the Consignment entirely from Metapack Delivery Manager.

The Metapack API calls used are deallocate and then deleteConsignment.


It is out of scope to call deleteParcelFromConsignmentWithCartonId.

If the package has already been manifested, then it is not eligible for a Void request. If such a package is sent to Metapack Delivery Manager to void, then Delivery Manager will return an appropriate error in the response for each of the API calls.

Below are the fields included in the responses from Metapack for a Void transaction:

Table 7. Void Responses


Data Type


MAO/MAWM Parcel Component Update



String Array

Returns a String of 'DMC' Consignment references. If this String contains the current DMC reference, then this indicates success.




String Array

Returns a Boolean flag to indicate whether or not the Delete operation was successful.

Package updated to 'Canceled' status.