Print Interface (MAO and MAWM)

A new interface has been developed to integrate with Metapack Delivery Manager for the Print service.

This interface is invoked to retrieve the shipping label following the creation of a Consignment, together with any customs documentation (in the case of MAWM). It is also invoked if the user triggers the Reprint functionality and there is no existing label stored in Document Management.

The Metapack API used to create the paperwork is createPaperworkForCarton.


For MAWM, only one of the fields in the response, labels (containing the shipping label) or documents (populated when customs documentation is requested), will contain the data for a given call. Two separate calls have to be made if the consignment is international and requires documents as well as labels.

Below is the list of fields included in the response from Metapack for a Print transaction:

Table 6. Print Response


Data Type


MAO/MAWM Parcel Component Update



Byte Array

The array containing the ZPL labels to be printed, in Base64-encoded format.

printResponse /printDocument /image


Byte Array

The array containing the PDF customs documents to be printed (if any), in Base64-encoded format.

printResponse /printDocument /image