Release Notes for August 2021

Enhancements (Cog_High_Green_Touchup.png) and fixes (Bug_High_Yellow_Touchup_Darker.png) released in August 2021

New native carrier integration for DHL Freight

DHL Freight provides standard, express, and timed delivery services for freight. The integration is for both UK and International (most of Europe).

Delivery Manager

New native carrier integration for Primeline Express

Primeline Express is an independent carrier located in Ireland that specialises in same day express deliveries. The integration is for UK to Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

Delivery Manager

New Shipping REST API

The new Shipping REST API is an easy-to-use REST-based API that enables you to manage all of your shipping needs without having to worry about the complexities of different carrier APIs and protocols

To get started with the Shipping REST API, refer to Introduction.

To view the Shipping REST API reference documentation, go to

Shipping Platform

Delivery Manager now supports additional addresses

In Delivery Manager, you can now specify different addresses for billing and delivery. For each address, you can also specify the address type (business or residential).

For more information, refer to ???.

Delivery Manager

New advertisements features added to Delivery Tracker

Adverts are now easier to add in Delivery Tracker with two ways of creating them, and full translation support.

For more information, refer to ???.

Delivery Tracker

New languages added to Delivery Tracker

Delivery Tracker now supports Bulgarian and English (US).

For more information, refer to Zebra Label Printers.

Delivery Tracker