Welcome to the Help for Metapack's REST Shipping API

Learn about the purpose of this API, its features and benefits, and how to access it.



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What is the REST Shipping API?

The REST Shipping API is an easy-to-use REST-based API that enables you to manage all of your shipping needs without having to worry about the complexities of different carrier APIs and protocols.

The REST Shipping API can be either used with the Shipping SOAP API or it can be used as an alternative.

How can it help me?

The REST Shipping API supports the following use-cases:

  • Creating consignments

  • Appending parcels to consignments

  • Allocating, deallocating. and deleting consignments

  • Sending consignments with shipping rules

  • Creating labels and other paperwork for consignments and parcels

  • Creating manifests and paperwork for manifests

What are the key features?

The features of the REST Shipping API include the following:

  • Integration with the Metapack Shipping Platform (Delivery Manager).

  • Rate shopping enables you to identify the feasible services and rates for a shipment before creating the consignments and labels.

  • Labelling meets a variety of needs, from simple labelling through to complex multi-parcel shipments and customs documentation.

  • Manifesting enables you to send carriers advance notice of expected shipments.

  • Shipping rules to facilitate allocations.

What are the benefits?

The REST Shipping API:

  • Simplifies and speeds up integrations with the Metapack Shipping Platform.

  • Is a highly scalable and powerful API across multiple geographies for the same shipper.

  • Is a modern API with a modern developer experience.

  • Can be used simultaneously with Shipping SOAP API, so you can transition gradually from your integration with the SOAP API.

Getting Started

To get started with the REST Shipping API:


You can also use Postman and the Shipping REST Postman collection to familiarise yourself with the API, and to create a consignment.