The Metapack Essentials plan is designed to provide amazing value to sellers who have less complex shipping needs.

As Metapack's entry-level package it includes all core elements from Metapack’s delivery management platform. Allowing sellers to effortlessly generate shipping labels and documents for multiple carriers.

Essentials Features include:

Carrier Integrations

The carrier integrations available are based on your shipping origin.

Use own rates

Use your own negotiated carrier contracts and rates for one brand.


Create warehouses** for a single shipping origin country. Origin countries to select from:

  • UK

Labels and manifests

Generate shipping labels (in PDF format via GUI and ZPL via API) and manifests using the API and user interface.

Shipping portal

See your shipment statuses and create labels manually through the shipping user interface Delivery Manager.

Customs documents

Create commercial invoices and CN22/23 customs documentation for international shipping.**

Rate shopping selection rules

Use automatic selection rules to pick the cheapest carrier for preset service groups.

Shipping portal track and trace

Track your shipping current status from within the Metapack shipping user interface Delivery Manager.

Returns labels in the box

Create return shipping labels that can be printed and placed inside outbound parcels.*

CSV order file import

Upload a CSV file of your orders into Shipping user interface Delivery Manager.**

Shipping API

Access our Shipping API to manage the creation of labels and shipping documents.


For the Essentials plan, the API is limited to three calls per second.


There are two integration options available:

  • Use the Shipping API.

  • Use our pre-built integrations for eCommerce, order, and warehouse management systems.

Inclusive set-up package

The inclusive set-up package will provide a managed implementation of your plan, covering the package’s prescribed configuration options found here.

Support services

Essentials will provide an inclusive customer and technical support plan, Success Basic. MetapackMetapack’s Customer Success plans are details here.


The Essentials plan does not include an account manager. Account management plans are available in Professional and Enterprise.

* Based on support from the selected carrier integration and service.

** Professional configuration is available for an additional fee.

Any professional configuration requested that is not stated as inclusive will be chargeable.

Not included in Essentials

When subscribed to the Essentials plan, you will not be able to do all of the following:

  • Request carrier integration development.

  • Use more than one carrier account per carrier service per warehouse.

  • Buy Delivery Options and the associated features.

  • Ship orders from your stores.

  • Ship to parcel shops, stores, and locker boxes.

  • Notify carriers of dangerous goods and hazardous items.

  • Add label extensions, such as barcodes, serial numbers, and so on.

  • Create multiple brands inside a single warehouse to facilitate separate management of shipping.

  • Consolidate shipment for cost-effective cross-border shipping.

  • Create automated data exports of the latest carrier tracking events using FTP transfer.

  • Create return shipping labels on request, so you cannot create your own customer returns experiences.

  • See detailed analytics showing you underlying trends and patterns.

  • Request documented solution design.

  • Access Hypercare Support


If you’re interested in any of the features excluded from Essentials, check out our Professional or Enterprise plans.