Implementation Plans

Essentials & Professional Inclusive set-up package

The inclusive set-up package is designed to accelerate your time to value. This package is available for customers on the Essentials or Professional plans.

 It provides free professional implementation and configuration for:

  • Up to 4 carriers and 8 services from any of those listed in your plan’s available carriers for a single brand.

  • Your primary origin warehouse for a single brand.

  • Up to 3 users.

  • A single technical integration using the Shipping API.

  • A project duration of 6 months

The inclusive set-up package is available only during the initial delivery stage.


Configuration requests and durations above the limits listed in the inclusive package or made after the initial delivery stage will be chargeable. Any additional configuration requests can be made through the customer portal.

Enterprise Products Inclusive set-up package

This inclusive set-up package is available for retailers and brands new to the Metapack platform and has purchased an Enterprise plan directly from Metapack on a committed basis. The customer is also paying for services from the first contracted month (excludes pay as you go customers).

This package is available when purchasing any of the following Metapack solutions:

  • Delivery Manager

  • Delivery Tracker

  • Delivery Options

  • Delivery Intelligence

The package includes all professional services for Metapack’s activities to implement our solutions for the brand/retailer.

The package has the following limits and exclusions:

  • A single brand

  • Up to 50 shipping locations

  • Up to 50 carrier accounts

  • Carrier’s requested must be available for your solution and be available in our library.

  • Requested carriers must have active shipping volume within the first 12 months of the contract to be included within the inclusive set-up package.

  • The requested carrier services must be part of Metapack’s existing carrier integration or do not require additional development to activate.

  • The project must be continuous – without stops – and is limited to a maximum duration of 12 months.

  • Travel and expenses- if required – are charged as incurred and are excluded from the package.

  • The package excludes any development. This excludes, for example, adding a carrier or service to our library or extending a label to include additional information.

  • The package excludes the implementation of features and functions not listed as included in the Enterprise Package.

  • Should you need any excluded items, these can be additionally purchased from our professional services team.


Some services may require maintenance at the request of the carrier before implementation. If this requires development, this shall not be included.