Release Notes for May 2021

Enhancements (Cog_High_Green_Touchup.png) and fixes (Bug_High_Yellow_Touchup_Darker.png) released in May 2021

New API carrier integration for Australia Post

Australia Post (formally the Australian Postal Corporation) is a government business enterprise that provides postal services in Australia.

Delivery Manager

New API  carrier integration for DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce operates in Canada and the United States. International services cover more than 200 countries. Domestic services include deliveries and returns.

Delivery Manager

New API and native carrier integrations for Meest

Meest operates in the European Union and the United States. It serves Ukraine and neighbouring countries with PUDO and home delivery options.

Delivery Manager

New promotional and operational message capabilities in Delivery Tracker

You can now do the following with promotional and operational messages:

  • Add a label with a new Call to Action (CTA) link to take consumers to an appropriate URL.

  • Change the colours of the text and background of a promotional message.

For more information, refer to ???.

Delivery Tracker

New languages added to Delivery Tracker

Delivery Tracker now supports Finnish and Portuguese. For more information, refer to ???.

Delivery Tracker

User experience improvements for uploading custom translations in Delivery Tracker

The user experience has been improved as follows:

  • When uploading a translations template (Microsoft Excel file), there is now an additional validation check to ensure that the name of the file is unique.

  • If warning messages are displayed after uploading a translations template, you now have up to 30 minutes to decide whether to proceed with the upload or to fix the errors before reattempting the upload.

For more information, refer to ???.

Delivery Tracker

Metapack user assistance locations

The information centre has been retired, so all Metapack user assistance content is now centralised in this Help Centre.

Help Centre

Usability of advert image resolution error message in Delivery Tracker

If you upload an advert image with the incorrect resolution, the error message displayed now includes the code "INVALID_IMAGE_RESOLUTION”, which makes the message clearer.

Delivery Tracker

Web browser support of Delivery Tracker Administration panels

All current versions of Firefox now display all Delivery Tracker Administration panels without any problems.

Delivery Tracker