Configuring your SFTP account and PTS feed

You need to create a ticket with Metapack Customer Support to request access to PTS.

We will then take the following steps:

SFTP access

We will create an SFTP user account for you. This will give you access to your PTS feed. Please be ready with your public IP address.

You will then be provided with your FTP credentials, e.g.

Example Host:
Username: ****
Password: ****
Directory: /dmshared/out

The CSV files are placed in the /dmshared/out directory.


If required, multiple PTS feeds can be set up for you and populated on a single SFTP user account. Additional file directories can also be added on the SFTP account.

PTS Configuration

We will take you through the following in order to configure your PTS feed:

  • The time interval at which each batch of CSV files is to be uploaded. Choose from 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Whether you want to receive updates when the files are empty (i.e. when there have been no status updates since the previous upload).

  • The parcel statuses for which you want to receive updates (i.e. all statuses or just selected ones, e.g. "Out for delivery" and "Delivered" - refer to Metapack's parcel status codes).

  • The carriers and carrier services for which you want to receive updates.

  • The warehouses for which you want to receive updates.

  • Whether the files to be archived following download.


    Regardless of the archive setting, you should ensure that all old files are removed from the SFTP site.

Setup Checklist

  1. Ensure that Delivery Manager is configured correctly.

  2. RaIse a ticket with Metapack Support to configure your SFTP access and PTS feed.

  3. Integrate the file structure into your CRM and other systems.