Delivery Intelligence

Delivery Intelligence (DI) provides insight for customers to measure and improve warehouse or store operations, carrier delivery performance, and the entire customer delivery experience.

Delivery Intelligence includes pre-built reports, developed on an ongoing basis, that cover the following areas:

  • Shipments Insight

  • Shipment Profiles

  • Carrier Delivery Performance

  • Carrier & Warehouse Delivery Exceptions

  • Tracking Quality & Latency

All Delivery Intelligence reports have the following capabilities:

  • View Details: Customers can view parcel details in all reports where data for the report is limited to 50 days.

  • Save Dashboard Views: Customers can save reports where filters have been customised, making them easier to access in the future.

  • Share: A link can be shared with other Delivery Intelligence users to access a dashboard.

  • Download: Extract underlying data for the report in either CSV or PDF format. The downloads can also include data such as the order reference and promised delivery date (where provided to Metapack in the Shipping API call).

  • Filters: Data in most Delivery Intelligence dashboards can be limited using one or more of the following filters: Date, Origin, Destination, Service Group, Carrier, Carrier Service, Weight Range and Volume Range.

  • Updates: Delivery Intelligence data is updated hourly from 08:00 to 00:00 UTC, and maintains 50 days' data at a package level granularity, and 3 years' data at an aggregated level.

  • Security: The customer will receive unique user credentials to access their specific reports.

There are some important external constraints on Delivery Intelligence:

  • Delivery Intelligence is only able to report on shipments, carrier labels, and manifests that are created in Delivery Manager. It will use this data, and the associate tracking events from the carrier, to populate report content.

  • Delivery Intelligence accuracy may be impacted by tracking event delays, untracked services and unexpected non-working days.

  • Metapack is reliant on carriers for the timeliness and quality of the tracking data. Metapack will help identify issues and work with customers and carriers to resolve any tracking data quality issues.


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