Custom Translations

The translations in the fixed panels have been validated for all additional languages (wherever possible) by native-speaking employees. However, the messages that you write in the editable panels will not be automatically translated. This means that, for a fully translated tracking page, you need to submit translations for these messages using the feature described below.


If you do not submit translations, the messages in the editable panels will be displayed in your default language, regardless of the language(s) selected by the consumer.

Managing Translations

To add and modify the custom translations for your page:

  1. Ensure that the language for which you wish to provide translations has already been selected as an additional language.

  2. Do either of the following:

    1. Click Manage Translations at the top of the tracking page (refer to Editing your Brand's Tracking Page).

    2. Click Manage Translations on the brand menu:


Downloading the Translations Template

  1. You are taken to a screen with instructions on how to download the translation template and re-upload it after you have added the translations:

  2. Click Download template above to generate the latest version of the template:

  3. Click Download Translation template vN (where 'N' is the version number) to download/open the template as an MS Excel file.

Adding Translations to the Template

  1. Click Enable Editing at the top of the file and go to the tab of the supported language for which you wish to enter or modify translations:

  2. Enter/amend your translations in the white cells that are below the default language equivalents and adjacent to the one containing the word 'Translation', e.g.



    Although it is possible to add rows between the panels (so, for example, you could add a white row below the one shown above), you cannot otherwise change the file structure. You must also not change the cell titles.

    If you leave any of the cells empty (where previously there was a translation), then the previous translation will be removed following re-upload and publishing.

  3. Save a copy of your amended MS Excel file in .xlsx format.

Uploading the Translations Template

  1. Go back to the screen in Downloading the Translations Template and upload your new copy into the Upload box on the bottom right, by either browsing to it or dragging and dropping it into the box:

  2. Delivery Tracker validates the uploaded file to ensure that:

    1. It is a .xlsx file.

    2. The file name is unique.

    3. It does not exceed one MB in size.

    4. There have been no changes to the cell titles or file structure.

    5. The major version matches the one stored on the server. For example, if the template stored on the server is Version 2.0 and you try to upload a template with Version 1.0, then the upload will be rejected.

    6. The brand specified in the spreadsheet matches the one for which you are uploading translations.

    7. The number of tabs matches the number of tabs on the downloaded version.

    If there are one or more of the errors listed above, then a message is displayed asking you to fix them before retrying, e.g.


    If all of the above criteria are met, then the upload can be accepted, although initial warning messages will be displayed in the event of the following:

    1. The minor versions are not the same. For example, if the template stored on the server is Version 2.2 and you are trying to upload a template for Version 2.1, then a warning will be displayed.

    2. The list of language tabs does not match the languages currently selected for the brand. You will be warned about the particular languages for which you are not providing translations. However, you can still proceed with the upload.

    3. There are empty cells for some of the brand languages, indicating that not all of the translations are complete. The warning signifies that, if there previously was a translation in a cell, and now there is not, then the previous translation will be removed.

    4. One or more translations contain more characters than are allowed by the database. The warning indicates that the translation(s) will be truncated.

    If there are one or more of the issues listed above, a message is displayed giving you the choice of either going back and fixing them or continuing with the upload. You have up to 30 minutes to decide whether to proceed with the upload or to fix the errors before reattempting the upload.

  3. If the upload is accepted, then you can preview the translations on the tracking page by switching languages on the top right of the page to select the supported language for which you provided translations:


    You will then see your translations, e.g.

  4. If you go to the activity log, you will see confirmation of the upload:

  5. Once you are happy with your translations, republish your page.