Delivery Options

The Delivery Options API provides accurate shipping options based on individual products or shopping baskets.

This product provides shipping services, drop-off options and store collection locations alongside calculated delivery dates and charges.

The following is a summary of the Delivery Options API capabilities:

  • Provide, in any combination, delivery options for home delivery, drop-off locations (PUDO) or a customer’s stores.

  • For PUDO and customer stores, the Delivery Options API is able to provide opening times, address, latitude, longitude and accessibility, through the use of Location Services.

  • Customers can maintain the list of their stores and the data pertaining to those stores, via either an API, or by providing Metapack with a file in either JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.

  • The Delivery Options API provides filters that allow you to include and exclude specific service groups (e.g. same day, next day or standard), specific collection and delivery slots, the maximum number of customer stores to display, and the search radius from a specific location, for both PUDO and customer stores.

  • The Delivery Options API allows for responses to be provided in either grids or lists. For grids, the response will include options for the next 20 days. For lists the response will include options for the earliest carrier collection date and time.

  • Click here for Further details on the Delivery Options API.

In order to work effectively, Delivery Options requires the following:

  • The Delivery Options API requires that all warehouses, carriers, carrier services, cut-off times, and allocation rules are configured in Delivery Manager so that all API requests can be passed to Delivery Manager’s allocation engine for a response.

  • The Delivery Options API requires that the customer specifies the warehouse from where the order will ship. The customer Web Front End (WFE) or Order Management System (OMS) must determine the warehouse.

    Delivery Decision Engine will review all Service Groups configured for the specified warehouse and return all available Carrier Services based on the Return Type and Option Type requested.

  • The Delivery Options API requires that the customer specify the recipient country and address or geo-location to accurately determine availability of carrier services, carrier service transit times, pickup/drop-off (PUDO) locations, and customer stores.