Configuring Peoplevox for use with Delivery Manager


Before the integration with Metapack can be set up, you need to go through the following administrative steps:

  1. Contact Peoplevox by raising a ticket to obtain a link to the Metapack Data Capture Form.

  2. Complete the form and return it to your Peoplevox Technical Support Assistant. 


    You need to complete a separate form for each Peoplevox account that you hold.

  3. The integration will then be set up, and the print templates for the despatch document and label will be uploaded to your account:


Integration Setup

You can now set up the integration with Metapack as follows:

  1. Create a new user in your Peoplevox account called 'Metapack Test User', taking care to ensure that the user's role includes the permission of Upload Carrier but not that of Download Carrier.

  2. Set up a ZPL-compatible printer in the Peoplevox Printer Service as a Generic printer:

  3. Register the two Metapack templates in Peoplevox.

  4. Create document types for for each Metapack template so that you can apply print template rules to them.

  5. If required, create and upload a despatch note template and register it in Peoplevox as a Despatch Package print template.


    You will also need to create a document type for this template.

  6. Go through the following steps to set up 'Metapack' as a carrier in Peoplevox, and to set up the required Metapack service types:

    1. Go to the Carriers tab in the Warehouse module of the Peoplevox web application.

    2. Click Add new.

    3. In the Edit Carrier dialog, enter the Name as 'Metapack'.

    4. Click the Add button next to Service Types.

    5. Enter a Name and a Code for the service type, and then click Add.


      Ensure that each Code you enter matches the required carrier 'service group' in Metapack Delivery Manager.

    6. Click Save.

  7. Configure the permissions for all users of your account so that each has the Upload Carrier option enabled.

  8. Log in to PVX as the 'Metapack Test User' and test all your despatch processes using different service types, carriers, product items and destination countries.

  9. Use either Despatch by order or Despatch by item and verify that there are no issues with the consignment and allocation processes.

    Your Metapack label will print automatically if the integration is configured correctly.