Configuring Delivery Manager for use with Peoplevox

You first need to use Delivery Manager to set up your default warehouse, carrier configurations and carrier 'service groups'.


If you are new to Delivery Manager, you can find out more about it here.

You need to work through the following before using the Peoplevox integration:

  1. Configure your Default Warehouse.

  2. Select your Carriers and Services.

  3. Configure your Carrier Services.


    As part of this configuration, ensure that the carrier service Web cutoffs are set up, to allow sufficient time between ordering and despatch.

  4. Set up the Carrier Costs.

  5. Activate your Carrier Services.

  6. Create your Carrier 'Service Groups'.

Once you have completed the above, ensure that you can create and allocate consignments, and create the labels for them, using the Shipping API calls listed in the following table.


Because Peoplevox needs to be supplied with all the data required to create shipping labels for individual parcels (as opposed to just top-level consignments), you need to set the consignmentLevelDetailsFlag to false in every Delivery Manager Consignment (refer to the Properties needed to Call or Create a Consignment).

Table 13. The Metapack Shipping API methods used to fulfil orders in Peoplevox

Metapack Method




Shipping location, Consignment data, Shipping method (e.g. via booking code).

Label, Customs documentation, Carrier, Carrier Service, Carrier Tracking Data, Carrier Tracking URL.

Because Delivery Manager is unable to consolidate an outbound and return label in a single API request, separate API calls are required for each type of label.


Following printing, consignments are automatically set to 'Ready to Manifest'. The Peoplevox integration requires that either Metapack implements auto-manifesting on your behalf, and varies it according to carrier, or that you manifest manually.

Please contact Metapack support if you wish to have auto-manifesting set up.


'DMC' consignment reference and parcels array.

The appendParcelsToConsignment call allows you to support multi-parcel shipping in Peoplevox, provided that the carrier integrations in Delivery Manager correspond to the carrier service types in Peoplevox.


'DMC' consignment reference and Printing Properties.

Label, Customs documentation.

If a document is not generated for any reason, this call allows you to print it on demand at any time from inside Peoplevox.

Peoplevox makes one API request per parcel that is shipped, and each parcel is independent of the others (i.e. Peoplevox has no way of knowing whether any additional packages for the same order are about to be shipped).

Peoplevox handles this by running a check whenever Delivery Manager despatches a parcel. Peoplevox looks at any already-shipped parcels for the order to see if any have a Metapack 'DMC' consignment reference. If they do, then the parcel is appended to that consignment wherever possible. If this fails for any reason (e.g. the carrier does not support it, the consignment has already been shipped, etc.), then Peoplevox creates a new consignment and puts the parcel in that instead.


Peoplevox does not support the Cartonisation (parent-child) capability in Delivery Manager.