Managing your Carriers (Coming Soon)

Once your Retailer account and default warehouse have seen set up, you can start adding carriers via the Delivery Manager GUI.


Log into the Delivery Manager Delta environment using the Administrator Login and Password that were generated when your account was set up. Only once your configuration is working satisfactorily in the Delta environment, should you copy it to your own Production environment.

Click Setup:


Carrier Setup

Proceed as follows:

  1. Move down to the Carriers & Services panel and click the Manage Carriers button:

  2. On the resultant Managing Carriers screen, any previously selected carriers are displayed, and you can either:

    1. Click Configure carrier at the bottom of an existing carrier to move to Configuring your Carrier Services, e.g.

    2. Click Add a new carrier to move to Adding a new Carrier:


Adding a new Carrier

You are presented with a searchable list of carriers. Select the one that you would like to set up, and then click Continue. You are prompted to add a contract, e.g.


Once you click Continue..., you are taken to a Getting Started screen and given instructions on the setup required. You are also invited to give the contract a name.


If the setup screen informs you that the carrier is not self-service, you will need to proceed as in Adding Carriers to your Account.

Then click Continue and proceed as follows:

  1. On the Link Services screen, select the required service(s).

  2. Link each selected service to either All warehouses (the default) or one or more Selected warehouses, e.g.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Add the required information on the Account Information screen.


    Even though not all the accounting information may not be appropriate to your particular setup (e.g. in the case of a 'virtual' warehouse), you still need to create it in the system for each warehouse from which the carrier services will be operating.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. You are then given the opportunity to set up some basic costs immediately, e.g.

  7. If you click I want to specify advanced costs later, then you will not be prompted for costs now, and the carrier will be added without them. Otherwise, click one of the following to configure costs now (although these can be modified later):

    1. Specify one set of shipping costs for parcels between 1 and 100 parcels for your selected services, cost areas and warehouses.

      You select a cost per parcel, plus an additional cost for each parcel over 100.

    2. Specify shipping costs per service, for each <carrier> cost area.

      You select an area or 'zone', and then, for each service, specify the price per parcel for delivering to that zone, plus an additional cost for each parcel over 100.



      You have the options of copying one set of prices to all services, and of copying all the prices for one zone to all zones.

      Once you have set up the costs for each required zone, click Continue.

  8. You are taken to the Confirm screen telling you that the carrier account has been added. Click Finish setup to display the following suggested next steps:

  9. Click Dismiss to move to Configuring your Carrier Services.

Setup Checklist

  1. Configuring your Default Warehouse

  2. Adding Warehouses and Changing your Default Warehouse (Optional)

  3. Configuring your Carrier Services

  4. Activating your Carrier Services

  5. Creating your Carrier 'Service Groups' (Optional but recommended)

  6. Creating and Allocating a test Consignment

  7. Adding New Users and Locking a User to a Warehouse (Optional)