Release Notes for March 2021

Enhancements (Cog_High_Green_Touchup.png) and fixes (Bug_High_Yellow_Touchup_Darker.png) released in March 2021

New languages added to Delivery Tracker.

Delivery Tracker now supports Polish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. Refer to Additional Languages.

Delivery Tracker

Language selection added to the Delivery Tracker admin. portal.

You can now select the languages in which your tracking page can be displayed. Refer to Additional Languages.

Delivery Tracker

Importer and Exporter EORI numbers added for post-Brexit B2B shipping.

If you are a B2B shipper exporting to, or importing from, the territories described in EORI Numbers, then, when creating a consignment in the Shipping API, you can specify the following new fields:

  • exporterEORInumber for the sender address (e.g. your warehouse);

  • importerEORInumber for the recipient address.

Refer to the Properties needed to Call or Create a Consignment.

Delivery Manager

New API Carrier Integration for Freightways.

Freightways is a leading provider of express package services in New Zealand.

The API integration is for both manifesting and PUDOs.

Delivery Manager

New Native Carrier Integration for Mondial Relay.

Mondial Relay has been integrated as a bespoke solution for selected sellers.

Delivery Manager

Updated Native Carrier Integration for DHL Freight (Netherlands).

The integration for DHL Freight Netherlands has been updated.

Delivery Manager

The Dangerous Goods Parameters have been made more explicit.

To make it clearer to carriers the types of dangerous goods being shipped, then, in the Dangerous Goods Parameters (refer to the end of the Products Array):

  • When specifying the packagingInstructionSection, you need to use one of the following values: I, IA, IB or II.

  • If you are using the PackageType field, you should use the appropriate ADR codes to describe the packaging.

Delivery Manager

The 'FAQs' link in Delivery Manager has been fixed.

The link to the Help Centre from the 'FAQs' link in Delivery Manager was not working for a few days following a reorganisation of the Help Centre structure.

The old link has now been replaced by the updated link.

Delivery Manager