Shipment Audit


Designed for Management, the Shipment Audit report lists the Logon IDs of the individual users of Delivery Manager who, during the timeframe of the report, created the most consignments and reprinted the most shipping labels.

The report allows Management to:

  • Determine why certain users created consignments in bulk, as opposed to using the API.

  • Determine whether the users who reprinted large numbers of labels had genuine reasons for doing so and were not shipping the same consignments more than once.

  • Examine the associated consignments in Delivery Manager.

How to use the report

Once you have set the required filters, including the timeframe of the report, two graphs are displayed:

  • the graph on the left lists the users in descending order of consignments created;

  • the graph on the right lists the users in descending order of number of labels reprinted.

For example:


To audit the created or printed consignments for an individual user, simply click on the coloured bar next to that user under the particular graph, e.g.


The consignment details are then displayed in a table, from where you can look them up in Delivery Manager:



You can click Download Results on the top right of the table to download the consignments in CSV format.


You can set the timeframe of the audit by adjusting the Manifest Sent Date filter (the default is the last 32 Days of manifested parcels, to give a full month of data), and filter in or out particular Logon IDs:


You can use the Logon ID filter to either include the user accounts in which you are interested, or to exclude any in which you are not (e.g. the API or Integration accounts that are routinely used to create bulk consignments). To exclude an account, select 'is not equal to' followed by the IDs.


You need to click Run in the top right of the report after changing any of the filters, to see the updated information.