What's New in September 2020

Quickly get up and running with the Shipping API

We are pleased to introduce the Shipping API Postman Collection.


Postman is a free API client app. It allows you to easily experiment with API requests using a friendly interface.

The collection is a packaged and downloadable bundle of Shipping API SOAP calls that have been adapted to use the POST request method in Postman.

The collection allows you to you quickly access a logical sequence of pre-written calls that take you from pre-ship carrier service selection through to manifesting. You simply enter the required variable values in the supplied Postman environment before running each call, and then click Send.

Want to use our Shipping API Postman Collection?

You can read more and download the Shipping API Postman Collection here.

Notify your carriers of customs brokerage details

Delivery Manager will now allow you to notify your carriers of shipments requiring export licences (e.g. shipments with batteries).


This means that you will no longer need to create a direct integration with carriers to pass on customs brokerage information such as the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) and HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) code. They can instead be included on the label or manifest based on the carrier's standards.

Want to learn more about customs brokerage?

See the full list of Customs Brokerage API parameters in the Products Array.