Adding Carriers to your Account

Before proceeding, you should have a look at our carrier library to see which carriers and carrier services you wish to add to your account.

If you are a new customer, then the carriers that you want to select will have to form part of a project created by the Metapack Implementation Team.

If you are an existing customer, and you want to add a new carrier to your Metapack account, then you will need to submit a request via the customer portal.

In both of the above cases, you will need to ensure that you can supply us with the following information, for each carrier that you wish to add:

  1. The details of the signed commercial agreement with the carrier, including the shipping rates, the account number, and, where possible, the name of the carrier Account Manager.

  2. The carrier type(s) covered in the above agreement (refer to the Introduction).

  3. If you are a new customer, the warehouse from which the carrier service(s) associated with the carrier type(s) will be operating (refer to Creating an Account).

  4. The accounting information (refer to Configuring your Carrier Services).

  5. The carrier costs (refer to Setting up the Carrier Costs).

  6. The barcode number range to be used (refer to Configuring your Carrier Services).

  7. The warehouse cutoffs (refer to Configuring your Carrier Services).


It is possible that some of the carrier services that you want to use are not yet fully configured in Delivery Manager. However, your implementation consultant will verify this for you and, if required, take steps to ensure that all the necessary configuration takes place so that you can then submit a request.

Setup Checklist

  1. Configuring your Default Warehouse

  2. Adding Warehouses and Changing your Default Warehouse (Optional)

  3. Adding Carriers to your Account

  4. Selecting your Carriers and Services

  5. Configuring your Carrier Services

    1. Setting up the Carrier Costs

    2. Setting up the Carrier Charges (Only required if displaying charges via Delivery Options)

  6. Activating your Carrier Services

  7. Creating your Carrier 'Service Groups' (Optional but recommended)

  8. Creating and Allocating a test Consignment

  9. Adding New Users and Locking a User to a Warehouse (Optional)