Release Notes for June 2020

Enhancements (Cog_High_Green_Touchup.png) and fixes (Bug_High_Yellow_Touchup_Darker.png) released in June 2020

Optimising Delivery Options for U.S. consumers.

Delivery Options can now be configured so that the options for U.S. consumers are routed to the appropriate Delivery Manager U.S. stacks.

Delivery Options

Read replicas of the Location Services database have been deployed to handle queries from the Delivery Manager U.S. stacks.

This has been done by the use of a global aurora cluster to provide lean latencies when onboarding U.S. consumers.

Location Services

Addition of Address Type Surcharge Cost Type.

Users can now add a surcharge according to the address type (e.g. add £4 if shipping to a Business as opposed to a Residential address).

Delivery Manager

Generate Returns Labels using existing Delivery Manager functionality.

Sellers can now provide their consumers with a return label in the consignment. Refer to ???.


The recommendation is for sellers to create returns consignments using the API. Refer to ??? and Rakuten.

Delivery Manager

Fix to Date Label Printed column within the Manifest section.

This column has now been renamed to Allocated Date, to reflect the fact that the true value of the column is allocated date time.

Delivery Manager

Fix to warehouse deletion.

Formerly, attempts to delete a redundant warehouse in Delivery Manager resulted in an incorrect database integrity error. This has now been resolved and warehouses that no longer have any dependencies can be removed.

Delivery Manager

Fix to encoding of labels containing special characters in Delivery Manager.

Formerly, special characters were being encoded differently, depending on whether the special character configuration was enabled. This sometimes resulted in characters that should have been encoded as UTF-16 being encoded incorrectly, giving invalid ASCII.

We have changed the encoding method to be always UTF-8 Hexadecimal (^CI28^FH) so that, regardless of whether or not special character configuration is enabled, special characters are always encoded the same way.

Delivery Manager

Phase 2 of Dangerous Goods

Additional development on the Delivery Manager's API was required for the carrier modules to allocate Dangerous Goods correctly.

The new fields are incorporated within the Dangerous Goods table in the Products Array, and are as follows: reportableQuantity (Boolean), radioactive (Boolean), subRiskClass (String, 5), techName (String, 255), additionalInfo (String, 255), overPack (String, 255), packagingInstructionSection (String, 5).

Delivery Manager

Addition of findServicesInGroups API method.

This method allows users to query which carrier services are contained within a carrier 'service group'. This is to help them track changes, e.g. find out which services are not being returned by a booking code. For more information, refer to ???.

Shipping API