Selecting your Carriers and Services

Once your Retailer account and default warehouse have seen set up, and the required carriers have been added to your account, you can start adding carriers and their associated services via the Delivery Manager GUI.


Log into the Delivery Manager Delta environment using the Administrator Login and Password that were generated when your account was set up. Only once your configuration is working satisfactorily in the Delta environment, should you copy it to your own Production environment.

Click Setup:


Carrier Service Setup

Proceed as follows:

  1. Move down to the Carriers & Services panel and click the Choose Carriers & Services button:

  2. On the Carriers and Services screen that is displayed, scroll down the lists of carriers until you find the first one required, and click Add carrier to display the services available with that carrier:

  3. In the Available Services column, select the service(s) that you wish to make available. To select multiple services, highlight them using the Shift key (for a range of services) or the Control key (to highlight non-consecutive services). Once the required services have been selected, add them by clicking Subscribe to service, to move them to the Subscribed service(s) column.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the required carriers and services have been added.

  5. Click Save Changes in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  6. If you added a new carrier or subscribed to any new carrier services for an existing carrier, you are automatically taken to the Configure Carriers screen so that you can configure the added carrier and/or carrier services.

Getting started

  1. Configuring your Default Warehouse

  2. Adding Warehouses and Changing your Default Warehouse (Optional)

  3. Adding Carriers to your Account

  4. Selecting your Carriers and Services in the GUI

  5. Configuring your Carrier Services

    1. Setting up the Carrier Costs

    2. Setting up the Carrier Charges (Only required if displaying charges via Delivery Options)

  6. Activating your Carrier Services

  7. Creating your Carrier 'Service Groups' (Optional but recommended)

  8. Creating and Allocating a test Consignment

  9. Adding New Users and Locking a User to a Warehouse (Optional)