Introduction to the Metapack Interface in Salesforce

The Metapack Interface to Salesforce is a solution found on Salesforce AppExchange. It allows you to retrieve Shipping Labels and Return Labels from Metapack's shipping platform (Delivery Manager).

This guide outlines the configurable aspects of this Metapack Interface, covering the initial setup, how to use it, and the objects that make up the Interface's metadata.

The guide assumes that you are already:

How can the Metapack Interface help Salesforce customers?

Using the Metapack Interface, Salesforce customers have instant access to Metapack's library of almost 5,000 home delivery services from over 400 carriers. Customers can add these carriers and services quickly and easily with a fully compliant label library using a universal label format.

How can the Metapack Interface help Metapack's customers?

If you are a Metapack customer, then using 'pre-built' adapters such as the one described here, provides maximum flexibility, allowing you to move easily and quickly between different OMS and WMS providers.

In addition, implementation costs are reduced in that you do not need to pay for your own customised integrations.

The particular advantage of the Metapack Interface in Salesforce is that you can use Salesforce's SOM solution for an end-to-end supply chain workflow to manage order fulfilment.