Custom Objects and Settings

The following are the custom objects and settings that have been created in Salesforce specifically to interact with the Metapack Shipping API:

Consignment – CAP_MP_Consignment__c

This holds the Consignment details from the Metapack Shipping API (refer to Creating a Consignment).

XML Response Attribute

You can control the response from the Metapack Shipping API using the XML Response Attribute.

Any new field that is added to the Metapack Shipping API can be added to the attribute as an individual entry with its own destination object and field.

Salesforce will then dynamically parse the response and store it in the destination object.


Only the active entries will be parsed.

Page Layout and Field Permissions

Not all fields are exposed in the page layout for every object. However, additional fields can be exposed if required by users.

To do this, you need to change the field permissions in the relevant user profiles, and also grant the following apex class permissions:

  • CAP_MP_AddressDAO

  • CAP_MP_AttachmentDAO

  • CAP_MP_ConsignmentCallout

  • CAP_MP_ConsignmentCalloutHelper

  • CAP_MP_ConsignmentDAO

  • CAP_MP_ConsignmentTriggerHelper

  • CAP_MP_CRUDEnforce

  • CAP_MP_DynamicXmlParser

  • CAP_MP_ExceptionUtils

  • CAP_MP_FulfillmentHelper

  • CAP_MP_FulfillmentOrderLineItemDAO

  • CAP_MP_FulfilmentOrderDAO

  • CAP_MP_ShipmentDAO

  • CAP_MP_ShipmentTriggerHelper

  • CAP_MP_XMLGenerator

Control Validation Rules by User Profile

You can use the custom setting ‘Toggle Logic’ to control the validation rules for different user profiles.

For example, for each user who is to use Order Management, you need to have a entry in 'Toggle Logic':



The profiles do not need to be associated with the validation rules for the rules to fire.

Error Log – CAP_MP_Error_Log__c

This is used by Salesforce AppExchange to to store exceptions generated during interactions with the Metapack Interface.

The object is associated with the Fulfillment Order.

Refer also to Error Handling.