Configuring Salesforce for use with Delivery Manager

After Configuring Delivery Manager for use with Salesforce, the following records need to be created in Salesforce in order for the Metapack Shipping API to be called correctly and return the labels.

Carrier Service Codes and Groups

You need to create the Delivery Manager carrier service code and carrier 'service group' codes in the Salesforce Order Delivery Method object, bearing in mind the following:

  • If the relevant carrier is not present in the system, you will need to update the Carrier Picklist field in the object metadata before creating the record.

  • You should enter the Description as either “Service Code” or “Service Group”, depending on whether the record relates to a carrier service code or carrier 'service group' code.

  • You should populate the Reference Number with the relevant a carrier service code or carrier 'service group' code., ensuring that any 'service group' code is prefaced with “@”, e.g. APGIBMEXP or @NEXTDAY.

  • You need to ensure that the IsActive checkbox is ticked once the record is complete.

Default Warehouse

You need to create the default warehouse record in the Location object, ensuring that the details need to match those in Delivery Manager. You also need to ensure that the Default Warehouse checkbox is set to true.

Once the record has been created, you need to create a related Address record with the relevant Address details.


The Address record should have the Address Type of “Default”.