The Metapack Shipping Platform provides two ways to generate return labels:

  • Return on Demand API

    This method enables shippers to quickly generate return labels as and when needed. It can be used to help create self-service returns management experiences in ecommerce websites and apps.

  • Labels in a Box

    This method enables shippers to generate return labels that they can then include inside the packaging of their outbound shipments.

How can the Return Labels capability help me?

It is important to offer your customers a great returns experience.


Not offering a simple way to return an order is proven to lower all of the following:

  • Conversion at the checkout

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Repeat purchases

With a Return on Demand API offering, you can create in-house return experiences across all your core channels, capturing returns information, enforcing return policies automatically while also knowing in advance what is coming back to your warehouses and from whom.

With Labels in a Box, you offer shoppers something so simple that they don’t need to do anything more than take a generic pre-printed label, add it to their return packaging, and then take it to a drop-off location.

Return Labels workflow


The best practice example shows how to set up a UK domestic return.