Validating your Carrier Tracking Data

In order for Metapack's tracking products to be able to populate the Delivery Intelligence reports, Metapack relies on tracking data provided by external carrier systems, and on carriers performing both full and regular scans.

Because Metapack does not hold direct contracts with the carriers, Metapack itself can make no guarantees as to the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of such data. However, as a retailer, shipper or 3PL, you can influence the quality of the data by checking and enforcing your carrier’s contract terms.

Following a few weeks of carrier events, you can run Delivery Intelligence's Data Quality reports to ensure that you are getting the tracking data from that you expect from your carriers:

These reports will highlight any problems with your carriers' data. If there are long time lags between carrier events and you being notified of them, or if you are not being notified of some events at all, then this will obviously affect the reporting data throughout the rest of Delivery Intelligence.


Although the above reports allow you to see your tracking data’s timeliness and completeness, it will take a month or so before the reports can be used to judge carriers on whether or not they are fulfilling the terms of their contracts.