The common questions answered by Delivery Intelligence

The reports in Delivery Intelligence provide insight into the most common eCommerce questions, e.g.

How do I...?
  • Monitor the effectiveness of my warehouse operation?

    Use the Visibility Report to see the real-time despatch volumes. Set the Scanned into Carrier Network filter to break the volumes down into parcels that are being picked up by carriers vs. those that are not being picked up.

  • Get an overall snapshot of my exceptions, lead times, despatch volumes and problem trade lanes?

    Use the Key Metrics Dashboard and filter by trade lane.

  • Obtain detailed shipping profile figures that I can use as the basis for new carrier RFPs?

    Use the Statistics report and switch the display between Manifested ParcelsWeight and Cubic Volume, as required.

  • Obtain detailed parcel/package profile figures so that I can plan ahead?

    Use the Weight and Volume Profiling report and Carrier Review and select the required trade lanes.

  • See the markets where carriers are failing to meet their SLAs?

    Use the Service Level report heat map and set the red and amber thresholds that correspond to the SLAs.

  • See if I am getting value for money from my carrier services?

    Refer to the Lead Time Statistics report and Carrier Performance by Delivery Date for breakdowns of delivery lead times and carrier performances, respectively.

  • Get a quick view of 'at risk' and failing markets so that I can manage consumer expectations?

    Go to the Exception Performance report heat map and click on the failing territories.

  • Get a 'live' view of parcels that are blocked in transit so that I can recover them, and also refer them to the associated carriers to prevent future issues?

    Run the Live Status report and select the required Tracking Statuses.

  • Analyse the completeness of my tracking data by carrier?

    Use the Carrier Scan Completeness report and compare completed vs. tracked parcels.

  • Find out how fresh my carrier tracking data is?

    Run the Scan Latency Analysis report.

  • Get a snapshot of the different parcel issues by carrier?

    Use the Data Quality Dashboard and select the required carriers and carrier services.