Passing Product-Level Information to Carriers

There may be instances where your carriers do not have all the product-level information required for Customs because of their manifest limitations.

In this event, you can create specific reports for them which they can then merge with their manifest files.

How do I create a report for a Carrier?

Before you start, ensure that the consignments for which information is to be sent have been manifested.

Then proceed as follows:

  1. Select Reports in Delivery Manager, followed by Custom Reports:

  2. Click Create on the far right to start creating a new report:

  3. Give the report a name (typically related to the carrier for whom you are generating the report), and allow the file type to default to CSV.

    Unless the report that you are about to generate is a 'one off', you may also wish to set the report to repeat Daily, and to be notified by Email every time that it is generated. You will need to log into Delivery Manager each day to download the report.

    For example:

  4. The information generated by the CSV report will be listed in columns, with each column corresponding to a field in Delivery Manager.

    Under Available columns, select the fields that the carrier might require for Customs clearance. As a minimum, you should ensure that the fields in Product-Level Information are selected if they are not already on the carrier manifest.

    To add the selected columns to the Chosen columns, use the double arrow keys:

  5. Go to the Search Criteria and select the required carrier from the first drop-down:

  6. Enter the other search criteria that will identify the consignments for which the product-level information is to be supplied, e.g.



    The most relevant criteria are likely to be the Carrier Service, Warehouse, Consignment Status and Despatch on or after date (which should be yesterday's date).

    The relevant status for this report is either Manifested or Tracking, so it is advisable to select both.

  7. Once you have all the required fields, click Save on the top right.

  8. Provided that there are consignments matching the criteria that you selected, the report is generated and appears in the list of custom reports, e.g.

  9. Click Download on the right to open or save the CSV.

  10. You can now send the file to the carrier so that they can merge the file information with their manifest file.