Inflight Delivery Issues


Designed for Customer Service and Logistics Managers, the Inflight Delivery Issues report tracks inflight parcels and provides an instant view of the exceptions within a selected timeframe.

To select the timeframe for the report, refer to Filters.


The report shows the numbers of orders that require inspection or intervention:


You can see at the bottom of the report how many parcels are currently in each exception state and how long they have been in that state:


You can drill through from any of the cells in the days columns, to view the associated orders on the following screen:


You can then click in the column on the right to look up any of the orders in Delivery Manager so that you can inspect or intervene as required.


In the filters at the top of the report, you can set the timeframe for which issues are to be shown. The default is 14 Days (i.e. show those parcels with issues that were manifested within the last 14 days). In addition, you can restrict the data to one or more specific Current Parcel Statuses:


You can also restrict the data to a specific carrier, 'carrier service', 'service group', warehouse and/or market.