Current Despatch Pipeline


Designed for Warehouse and Operations roles, the Current Despatch Pipeline report tracks the current statuses of shipments due for despatch on a particular day (the default is the current date - refer to Filters).


The report provides a summary view of the different numbers of parcels at the various stages of the parcel journey, from the numbers of consignments created, through to the numbers manifested:


You can slice the data by going to the bottom of the report and selecting carriers, markets and 'service groups':


Any delays in the workflow, e.g. parcels allocated without labels being printed, are highlighted so that you can drill through from any of the cells shown above, to view the associated orders on the following screen:


You can then click in the column on the right to look up any of the orders in Delivery Manager so that you can manually allocate, print and manifest.


This report can also be used to pinpoint unsatisfactory warehouse practices, e.g. shipments never leaving the warehouse and non-reconciliation.


Using the filters at the top, you can specify the despatch date for the report (the default is Today):


You can also restrict the data to a specific carrier, 'carrier service', 'service group', warehouse and/or market.


Lookups are available in each field. However, when setting the Planned Despatch date, click the Information icon in the field to see the accepted date formats.

You need to click Run in the top right of the report after changing any of the filters, to see the updated information.