Customer Delivery Promise


Designed for eCommerce and Customer Experience Managers. the Customer Delivery Promise report measures the extent to which customer delivery promises were met within a selected timeframe.

To select the timeframe, and your own red and amber thresholds for what constitutes a failed delivery promise, refer to Filters.


The Customer Delivery Promise report uses the end of the committedDeliveryWindow in Delivery Manager, together with tracking data. If you do not use the committedDeliveryWindow parameter in the Delivery Manager API calls that create consignments, then your report may be blank.


The report is similar in appearance and use to the Carrier SLA report, but, instead of carrier performance, it provides a breakdown of seller performance against expected delivery time:


There is breakdown at the bottom of the report by market, to immediately highlight those countries in which you are failing your customers:


You can drill through from any of the cells in the parcels columns, to view the associated orders on the following screen:


You can then click in the column on the right to look up any of the orders in Delivery Manager so that you can investigate further.


In the filters at the top of the report, you can set the timeframe for which deliveries are to be shown. The default is 14 Days (i.e. show those parcels for which the end of the Delivery Manager committedDeliveryWindow is within the last 14 days):


You can also opt to View the deliveries by Days, ISO Week or Month, and set the Delivery Measure (the default is First Delivery and the selectable alternative is Actual Delivery into the customer's hands).

Included in the filters are red and amber thresholds, where you can set a delivery promise percentage for each threshold, as follows:

  • If the percentage of deliveries within the committed delivery window is less than the Red threshold (default 90%), then you are not meeting your promises in the selected market.

  • If you also set an Amber threshold (default 95%), then, if the percentage of deliveries within the committed delivery window is between this value and the value of the Red threshold, you are 'at risk' of not meeting your promises in the selected market.

You can also restrict the data to a specific carrier, 'carrier service', 'service group', warehouse and/or market.


You need to click Run in the top right of the report after changing any of the filters, to see the updated information.