End-to-End Delivery Metrics


Designed for Management and eCommerce roles, the End-to-End Delivery Metrics report provides the key metrics on overall shipping activity during a given timeframe (refer to Filters). You can then use the metrics to verify whether or not your delivery operation was operating at optimum efficiency.


The report is similar in appearance to the Current Despatch Pipeline. The major difference is that, whereas that report shows parcels planned for despatch on a particular day, the End-to-End Delivery Metrics report summarises actual parcel events during the selected timeframe:


Below the summary shown above, there is a graph on the left to help you check that all the parcels that were expected to leave the warehouse have been accounted for, and a graph on the right that shows you long it took to deliver those parcels that were shipped and picked up:


You can drill down to view those orders that took too long to deliver, by clicking on one of the bars in the graph:


You can then click in the column on the right to look up any of the orders in Delivery Manager so that you can investigate further.


Using the filters at the top, you can set the timeframe for the report (the default is the Past 7 Days) and the Delivery Measure (the default is First Delivery and the selectable alternative is Actual Delivery into the customer's hands):


You can also restrict the data to a specific carrier, 'carrier service', 'service group', warehouse and/or market.


Lookups are available in each field.

You need to click Run in the top right of the report after changing any of the filters, to see the updated information.