Trade Lanes

Trade lanes are modelled in the reports as a composite of origin warehouse, destination market, carrier, and carrier service, e.g.



It is possible to expand and collapse any of the composite parts by selecting the + and – buttons that appear when you hover over the column headers. When you expand a carrier, the associated carrier services will be displayed,

You can also hover over the Warehouse, Carrier and Service column headers and select an Ascending or Descending sort of the data, or else a sort in either Data source or Alphabetical order, e.g.


When you hover over a selected trade lane, additional options are displayed, e.g.


For the Keep Only and Exclude options, refer to the Keep Only/Exclude switch.

For certain reports, e.g. the Carrier Review and Service Level report, there is a Drillthrough option when you hover over the trade lane. Clicking on this allows you to view individual parcels.

You click once to select a particular trade lane, and once more (or else select Undo) to release it.