Welcome to the Help for Metapack's Delivery Intelligence

Learn what this product does, how it works, and how to get set up…

What is Delivery Intelligence?

Delivery Intelligence is a delivery management reporting suite. It is designed for retailers, shippers and 3PLs (Third Party Logistics providers) who use Metapack’s shipping platform.

Its reports support the following job roles:

  1. Warehouse and Operations.

  2. Carrier Logistics.

  3. Customer Service.

  4. Management and eCommerce.

How can it help me?

Delivery Intelligence can help improve your visibility of warehouse, carrier and delivery performance, while also highlighting possible issues.

The reports allow you to:

  • Check the quality of your carrier data in order to improve the accuracy of your performance monitoring.

  • Measure the overall shipping activity and key parcel metrics over specific periods to support resource planning and carrier contracting.

  • Track the statuses of shipments across all warehouses, and identify processing delays in order to streamline despatch.

  • See how carriers are performing against their SLAs to support carrier management, selection and volume distribution.

  • See delivery lead times by carrier service so that you can set more accurate consumer expectations.

  • Highlight regional performances and intervene at parcel level to increase the number of successful deliveries.


Click here for a breakdown of the reports and the specific eCommerce questions that they can help you answer.

What are the key features?
  • Analysis of the latency in receiving your tracking events from carriers.

  • Analysis of the completeness of your tracking events by carrier.

  • Comparison of data quality by carrier.

  • Monitoring of real-time despatch volumes through the warehouse over various time periods.

  • Overall snapshot of your exceptions, lead times, despatch volumes and problem trade lanes.

  • Highlighting of trends in your shipping and carrier performance.

  • View of the number of shipments despatched within each weight or volume band.

  • Monitoring of the volumes that carriers delivered to trade lanes against their SLAs.

  • Drill through to lost or late parcels so that you can open them in your shipping platform.

  • Statistics on the lead times of each carrier service.

  • Heat map of markets showing 'at risk’ and failed deliveries.

  • Identification of reasons for failed and 'lost' deliveries.

  • Live snapshot of different tracking statuses showing why, and how long, parcels have been delayed.

  • Breakdown of parcels manifested but not collected vs. those collected by carriers.


The reports use either 50-day transactional parcel-level data, allowing drill through to individual orders where appropriate, or aggregated parcel counts for the last 3 years.

You can tailor the dataset for any report by applying a range of global filters, and also simplify report views by using a keep only switch.

How do I get started?

You need to go through the following steps:


Customer training will be provided in the use of the reports, but, if you need help in the interim, please click here for support.