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What is Delivery Intelligence?

Delivery Intelligence is a reporting and analysis tool designed for sellers, shippers and third party logistics providers who need improved visibility and control of their delivery performance, and specific details about how their carriers are performing against SLAs.

The reports use continuously updated despatch data from Metapack's shipping platform, together with the event scans from Metapack's tracking products. They provide you with insights into despatch, traffic profiling, delivery performance and carrier compliance, for all your subscribed carrier services on Metapack's shipping platform.

The reports provide analysis over different time periods, and allow you to filter the data in accordance with your specific requirements.

You can also set up users so that some can run reports for your entire operation, whilst others are restricted to views of particular warehouses and markets.

How can it help me?

Delivery Intelligence can help you rationalise your carrier operations, enabling you to quickly pinpoint where you might benefit from cheaper or more efficient carrier services.

It can be of benefit to a wide range of job functions, e.g.

  • Warehouse/Transport Managers looking at the day-to-day throughput of each warehouse.

  • Carrier Managers examining how to reduce cost whilst driving up performance, and needing to put together RFPs.

  • Customer Service Operatives looking to intervene with problem parcels.

  • Head Office Analysts looking at the 'big picture'.

What are the key features?
  • Despatch statistics by 'trade lane' (where this is defined as the combination of origin warehouse, destination market, carrier and carrier service).

  • The ability to view statistics in the form of 50-day transactional reporting at the parcel level as well as aggregated parcel counts for up to 3 years from the date of manifesting.

  • The ability to 'slice and dice' the data by applying a range of filters such as service group, time period, market, etc.

  • Compliance reporting to examine a carrier’s provision of tracking scan events.

  • Performance reporting, in the form of:

    • A service level heat map with performance thresholds to highlight shipments and markets that are failing to meet SLAs.

    • Geographical groupings of late shipments.

    • The average lead time required to deliver a package to each trade lane.

  • The ability to set up users with roles, to control access to different report content and origin warehouses within an organisation.

  • Hourly data updates from 08:00 to 00:00 UTC, with a two-hour target latency from its creation in operational systems to appearing in Delivery Intelligence.

Getting Started

To get started with Delivery Tracker, the following are the key steps to follow: