What's New in November 2020

'Frictionless' workflow from Carrier Selection through to Carrier Configuration

Delivery Manager now has a more intuitive workflow from the point of selecting a new carrier through to configuring services for that carrier.

You do not have to keep going back and selecting Configure Carriers in Setup. You are instead taken through a logical flow until all the carriers service for a newly selected carrier are configured ready for activation.

When you add a new carrier or subscribe to any new services for that carrier in Setup > Choose Carriers & Services, and click Save changes, you are now automatically taken to the new Configure Carriers screen. Here, the carrier is automatically pre-selected at the top of the screen so that you can start configuring the required information.

The new Configure Carriers screen has been redesigned to help you work through the configuration of services more easily and logically. The 'Depots' button has been renamed 'Manage contracts' and moved to the far left so that it is more of a primary focus:


If you have just added a new carrier or services, then the carrier is pre-selected at the top of the screen, followed by any added carrier services under Services at the bottom of the screen.

Warning triangles are displayed to tell you exactly what information needs to be supplied for each carrier and service. You should start by linking your warehouses via the Manage contracts (formerly, Depots) button.

Want to learn more about the new Configure Carriers screen?

Refer to Configuring your Carrier Services.