Scan to Trailer

'Scan to trailer' functionality is provided by the use of Manifest Group Codes, each of which is associated with a particular vehicle. You assign each consignment to one of these codes prior to manifesting so that you can then trace consignments to the specific trailer or carton/cage.


Manifest Group Codes (Trailer IDs) can be used across multiple carriers. However, you can only manifest consignments for one single carrier/warehouse combination at a time.

Assigning consignments to Manifest Group Codes

To assign one or more consignments to a Manifest Group Code prior to manifesting, do one of the following:

Moving the scanned Consignments to 'Ready to Manifest' after printing

If your workflow is set up to automatically move to 'Printed' (rather than 'Ready to manifest') after label printing (refer to How do I Print and Manifest separately?), then, after scanning the consignments to the requisite trailer IDs, you can mark the printed consignments as ready for manifesting by doing either of the following:

Manifesting the scanned Consignments by Group Code

When the time comes to manifesting the scanned consignments, you can filter the consignments to be manifested, by the required Manifest Group Code (Trailer ID), in either of the following ways: