Pro and Lite Versions

The differences between the two versions

Returns can run in two distinct versions:

  • Pro: This version requires an integration with the order feed. Although this involves a certain amount of setup, it means that consumers have a straightforward experience from then on as they do not need to fill out as much information in order to process returns. The Pro version displays descriptions and images of products from the order feed.

  • Lite: This version does not require an integration with the order feed. This means that consumers need to complete a manual online form in order to provide the information that the order feed would otherwise supply automatically:


    After the consumer enters the details on the above form, the Lite version skips straight to the carrier selection page. The process from then on is identical to that of the Pro version.

    The Lite version cannot display product images or descriptions.

    The Lite portal might be used where:

    • You need the portal to be 'live' as soon as possible and cannot wait for order integration.

    • You need to generate a label for a consumer who cannot locate a particular order. The Lite version allows you to do this quickly without having the original order details to hand.

How to access the two versions

To access the Lite version, change the ending of the URL to:


To access the Pro version, change the ending of the URL to:



The remainder of this documentation assumes that the Pro version of the portal is in use.