How do I Print and Manifest separately?

The default workflow is for consignments to move automatically from the 'Allocated' to the 'Ready to Manifest' status as soon as the labels and customs documentation are generated.

If, however, you would like to create shipments and generate the paperwork in separate API calls (e.g. createAndAllocateConsignmentsWithBookingCode and then createPaperworkForConsignments), so that you have strict control over manifesting, you may want this default workflow to be modified for particular warehouses.

The workflow is amended by the addition of a system property called to each warehouse to which the amended flow applies. The value of the property is set to TRUE in each case. This then ensures that consignments from each of the associated warehouses move from the 'Allocated' to the 'Printed' status as soon as the labels and custom documentation are generated (instead of to the 'Ready to Manifest' status). This allows you to control when the consignments move to 'Ready to Manifest'.


For examples of the use of this amended workflow, refer to Ship and Hold and Pre-Ship Picking Optimisation.

For further details, please contact Metapack Support.