Adding Parcel and Product details

This topic shows you how add parcel and products details to a consignment for carrier delivery. It is assumed that you have already added the basic consignment details via Creating a Delivery or Creating a Return.

Parcel Details

Click the Details tab for an unallocated consignment, and then click the button labelled Parcel Detail Level (Consignment level detail calculated automatically):



For international deliveries, you need to specify information at the parcel level.

The number of parcels shown when the screen is first displayed, equates to the number specified for No. of parcels under the Delivery tab.

For each parcel, you can complete the following details, although only the Weight is mandatory:

  1. Select the Package Type from the drop-down (or leave the field blank for the default), followed by the Carton ID, Weight, Width, Height, Length, Volume, Girth and COD (Cash On Delivery) Amount.


    The Girth of a package is the sum of the measurements of the two smallest dimensions multiplied by 2:

  2. If you wish to add details of a further parcel, click Add parcel in the bottom left of the screen, and repeat the previous step for the new parcel.

  3. Once you have added all the required parcels and their individual weights, click Save Changes in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  4. If an Order Reference and Consignment Code have not already been generated for the consignment, then, provided that the mandatory information has been entered, these are generated now. The consignment has a status of Unallocated.

Product Details

To add a product to one of the parcels, click the Products tab and, under the required parcel, click Add Product. You can then enter the fields shown in the following screenshot:


The fields are as follows:

  • Description: e.g. "Women's dresses – day".

  • Country of Origin: ISO-2 country code indicating origin of item.

  • Fabric: e.g. "Woven 100% silk  Embroidery: 100% viscose".

  • Product Harmonisation Code: The most appropriate HTS code.

  • Product Type Description: e.g. "Warehouse Embroidered Folk Floral Silk Tunic".

  • Qty: Quantity of items that make up the product.

  • Unit Weight: Weight of the product.

  • Total Value: Monetary value of the product.

Click Save changes in the top right hand corner of the screen.


You can add as many products as required to a parcel.