Editing your Brand's Tracking Page

You can edit the content of a tracking page using the admin portal.

To access the page editing tools, select Preview/edit tracking page on the brand's panel:



If you wish to rerun the brand wizard instead, select Rerun setup wizard at the bottom of the menu. You will not be able to change the subdomain (refer to Previewing your Subdomain and Brand), but you can make other changes to your brand.

Ensure that Edit Mode is set to On in the top right hand corner of the tracking page (refer to Add Content to your Branded Page).

You can modify the page as follows:

  1. Edit the header by modifying the header colours and brand logo, and adding navigation links. Refer to Header and Navigation Links

  2. Edit the footer by modifying the footer colours and privacy policy URL. Refer to Footer and Privacy Policy.

  3. Add a Promotional/Operational Message.

  4. Turn the following on or off, and, with the exception of the Ratings panel, edit the content of individual elements: