Creating a SOAP Project from a Service

You should first install a compatible SOAP testing tool, for example, SOAPUI or Katalon Studio.


The examples in this documentation assume that SOAPUI is installed.

Proceed as follows to create a SOAP project from one of the services listed in the Introduction to the Shipping API:

  1. Download the WSDL file for the required services from In this example, we will use the Allocation Service.

  2. Right-click wsdl next to the required service and save the link, which is in the form of an XML file, e.g. AllocationService.xml.

  3. Open your SOAP testing tool.

  4. Create a new SOAP Project (for example, by pressing Ctrl+N):

  5. Enter a Project Name.

  6. Browse to the Initial WDSL, i.e. the XML file saved at step 2.

  7. Click OK.

  8. The methods for the selected service are then loaded (e.g. the allocation methods if you selected AllocationService.xml):

  9. Save the project.

  10. Move to Creating your first Request to a Service.

Getting started

  1. Creating your API User

  2. Creating a SOAP Project from a Service

  3. Creating your first Request to a Service