Updating a Store


Before proceeding, ensure that you have the ID of the store location that you wish to modify.

  • The ID of the store location that you wish to modify,

  • Your Location Provider ID (refer to Preparation), as this will need to be specified in the body of the call.

Perform a PUT request to:

https://dmo.metapack.com/locations/<Location ID>

of content type:


with the following authorisation (the token is copied from the access_token field that is returned from Generating a Bearer Token):

Bearer <Bearer Token>


The token must be within its TTL and associated with a can-update-locations permission.

The body should use the same set of fields as in Creating a Store.


The call that you use to update the location will overwrite all the existing information for the Location ID. Therefore, you need to supply the same set of fields that you used when creating the location, amended as required.


The response from Delivery Options is in JSON format, and will be in the form of an HTTP 200 OK response if the request is successful. For other possible responses, refer to What are the possible Server Responses?.