Returning Options for Special and Heavy Deliveries

There are two ways in which you can refine your options when a delivery's cost is not the only consideration:


Ensure that:

  • You can capture the postcode or latitude and longitude coordinates of the delivery postcode. Refer to the notes on c_pc, c_lat and c_long..

  • The required carrier 'service groups' have been set up in Delivery Manager (refer to Setup).

  • The carrier costs and charges are up to date in Delivery Manager (refer to Setup), particularly if delivering heavy items.

  • Each of your own stores has up to date opening times in Location Services If you are returning 'Click and Collect' options (stores without opening times will not be returned - refer to Setup).

Making the API Call

You make a call to GET followed by a selection of the same parameters used in Returning a range of Home Delivery Options and Returning a range of Collection Options (depending on whether your special delivery is for home delivery or pickup). However, you also use a selection of other parameters, as described in Using the built-in Allocation Engine and Creating your own Allocation Rules.